Working Papers  (Please e-mail me for drafts of working papers)

The Sense of Injustice, Perceived Inequality, and Preferences for Redistribution

The Undoing of Feudal Oligarchy, Social Mobility, and the Meritocratic Expectation: Why Japanese are less angry about inequality than Koreans

Rallying Against Economic Inequality: Experimental Evidence from Japan and Korea

The Effect of Media on Individual Attitudes Toward Economic Inequality” (with Jaemin Shim, German Institute of Global and Area Studies)

Extra-Budget Funds in China: Source of Corruption or Good Governance?


Selected Work-In-Progress

Making Sense of the Conflicting Attitudes Toward Immigration in Two Ethnoracially Homogeneous Democracies

Voting Against Democracy: The Sense of Injustice, Perceived Inequality, and Populist Preferences

Yes, But Not From My Pocket: Economic Inequality and the Mixed Attitudes Toward Taxation

The Crossed Fate of Politically Connected Firms: Evidence from Japanese zaibatsu and keiretsu and Korean chaebols