PLSC21006 Political Economy of Inequality – Fall 2016
Grodzins Prize Lecturer.  This seminar explores the political consequences of economic inequality. Does economic inequality always matter for politics? When does it become a salient issue in politics and how? What kind of effects does economic inequality have on political outcomes such as redistribution and regime change? Why is it that economic inequality is met in some democracies and at some times with discontent and in other democracies and at other times with tolerance? The course studies some of the most compelling political and economic arguments in investigating these questions. It also provides an introduction to a variety of research methodologies including interviews, participant observation, surveys, experiments, spatial analysis, basic regression analysis, and coding qualitative data.

PLSC28901 Introduction to Comparative Politics – Winter 2015
Instructor: Monika Nalepa
Teaching Assistant. This course surveys politics within different states around the world with a focus on the way in which political agents make domestically relevant decisions. The course also provides an introduction to the comparative method.

PLSC22200 Introduction to Political Economy of Development – Spring 2013
Instructor: Alberto Simpser
Teaching Assistant. This course acquaints students with the main concepts and theories in the political economy of development and develops students’ ability to critically assess different claims about the causes and the mechanics of development.

PLSC 27815/ 37815 Politics and Public Policy in China – Winter 2013
Instructor: Dali Yang
Teaching Assistant. This course offers a historical and thematic survey of Chinese politics and of salient issues in China’s public policy.